Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak 2008

Starting from tomorrow until 6 Oktober, I will be on leave to celebrate eid murabak 2008...thus, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Those who going to make a long trip balik kampung, please drive carefully ye..kalau mengantuk tu, bawak2 lah berhenti tidur sebentar kat R&R sepanjang lebuh raya for me, I will start the journey balik kampung from seri kembangan after sahur on Monday...I really miss my family back home in Dungun and couldn't wait to see them.

Oh ye, today is the first time I ever received a hamper since I've been with the gov. for the past 4 1/2 year, the content is health supplement drink ye (helping me in my diet mission)..from Minister of Health Office...thank you Y.B. for your kind thought..lepas ni kena practice minum wheatgrass..

From Dapur Ibu@4

Since this week is the last week before long hari raya holiday so the mood to cook is getting cold each day plus I also don't want to stock wet food in my fridge (yelah, nak kosongkan fridge b4 holiday) most of the time, it either meehoon goreng, nasi goreng or just tapau from PARAM...

These are some of the menu for this week...not much variety kan..dah rindu masakan mak ni..

Macaroni Cheese utk Adam n Johan..beli yg instant aje

sambal udang..panaskan dgn seketul ayam masak merah (balance buka posa kat umah SIS)

karipap segera...dah memang ada stok dlm fridge

kebaru mangga..pemberian Cik Norbee

Ikan kembung n ikan cencaru bakar..beli aje

air asam dgn ikan bakar..sedap ooo..beli kat Anjung, Putrajaya

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Its a guy thing

I get this fact n myth about man from my sister, Ida...just want to share it with my guy friends dengan soalan "ye ke macam ni? ....

  • If you don't dress like the Victoria 's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys.
  • If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us anymore -- we refuse to answer.
  • Sometimes we're not thinking about you. Live with it. And don't ask us what we are thinking about unless you're prepared to discuss such subjects as belly button lint or monster trucks.
  • Sunday equals sports. It's like the full moon or the tides: there's nothing you can do about it. And shopping isn't a sport, never was a sport and never will be a sport.
  • When we're going out, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really. Just fine. The first thing you put on. Truly. Now let's get going already!
  • You have enough clothes. You have too many shoes. Most guys own just 3 pairs of shoes. Why do you think we'd be any good at choosing which of your 30 pairs goes well with that dress?
  • Crying is blackmail. Blackmail is cheating. Men don't like people who cheat. See "Sports".
  • Just come out and ask for what you want. Let's be absolutely clear on this point: Subtle hints don't work, strong hints don't work, really obvious hints don't work. If you're really serious about it, just come right out and ask us. And by the way, the answer is probably "no".
  • We don't know what day it is, and never will. Write all birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions in bright red on the calendar, and make sure we see it.
  • Trust me on this, standing up while peeing makes it much harder to aim. We're bound to miss sometimes. It's not the end of the world.
  • "Yes" and "no" are perfectly acceptable answers to almost any question.
  • Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.
  • A headache that recurs every night is a problem. See a doctor.
  • Foreign films are best left to foreigners. Unless there's fighting in it.
  • Check your dang oil. And if your car makes a "funny noise", say something now -- don't wait until it gets worse. Remember: it always gets worse.
  • It is not in your best interest or ours to take that magazine quiz together. It doesn't matter which magazine or which quiz.
  • Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument and all comments become null and void after 7 days.
  • If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant it the other way. Really.
  • Ogling is genetic in males. It doesn't mean we love you less. As my old friend Rich used to say, "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home." Just be glad we have an appetite, OK?
  • You can either tell us to do something or tell us how to do something, but not both.
  • Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.
  • All men see in about 16 colors. Peach is a fruit, not a color. And life is easier if you bunch all those "eggshell" colors into "pretty much white."
  • When it itches, it will be scratched. Live with it.
  • Know how you feel about handbags? That's how we feel about beer.
  • If we ask what's wrong, and you say "nothing", we'll act like nothing's wrong. We know you're lying -- it's just not worth the hassle to dig it out of you. So if you have something to say, just say it!
  • Finally, if we've settled an argument, it's settled, OK? Don't start it all over again later. If it's not settled in your mind, don't agree to the settlement the first time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jalan TAR-S.Alam-Sg. Buloh

I really look forward for this year hari raya because hubby long holiday have been approved. I have a longer holiday though since this is the only week in a year those ministers don't have a cabinet meeting...

As plan, we dropped adam n johan at the nursery and headed to Jalan TAR..we were there at about 9 am..punyalah awal but some of the shops along Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India are already open. There is nothing unsual in this year bazaar only the usual raya-must-have items. But I can see the crowd is less this year...seems everybody is concern about their expenditure this year...including me...I have a bigger expenditure after raya for the new house, so every ringgit and sen is counted ye..

So after walking, looking, searching, testing and sweating under the hot sun..dapatlah sepasang baju kurung for me, baju melayu for hubby and abah and tudung raya for me...the search for adam n johan's baju melayu will continue sebab penat dah kaki berjalan, I couldn't find the matching colour for them.

At noon, we drive back to Seri Kembangan, fetched adam n johan from the nursery, they are still sleeping when we reached there. So in the spirit of having one colour theme, we off to Shah Alam to continue the search...but lady luck is not at our side that day...I bought a t-shirt for them from Reject Shop (I noticed the price of Reject Shop is no more cheap like they used to be during my student time way back in 1990s...mcm harga tak reject aje). Adam n Johan anyhow meet Upin and Ipin at Shah Alam Plaza Alam Sentral Mall...Johan keeps on addressing them as budak botak...

Bergambar dengan Upin and Ipin atas pentas

Then, we have to think of a place to break fast..I read in the internet about this place known as BBQland in Kuang, Sungai Buloh that serve BBQ buffet at below RM20 for adult...since we never been to Kuang, why not try a new place right..lagipun this is one of the rare saturday-off-day for hubby. We reached the place at about 6 pm but it was fully booked, the place is really nice n peaceful...the malay kampung type...we instantly fall in love with that kampung...mcm cerita2 P.Ramlee of the thing that I will definately do if I have a lot of money is to buy a piece of orchard in that kind of a weekend retreat..bestnye (kalau ada duit lah)..I however asked the contact number of the owner (for future booking), so maybe next time we are lucky enough to taste their BBQ spread. So last-last, pi Sunway Piramid and break fast at Chicken Harzt...this time we are lucky since they only charge us, not the children...but the one that really enjoy the food is my two boys...3 pinggan depa makan macaroni in tomato sauce tu..sedap gamaknye (or maybe too hungry)..

berlemuih tangan tu makan macaroni..ayam ye makan seketul aje

Adam tak tengok kiri kanan dah...

Friday, September 19, 2008

19th Ramadhan

Today is the 19th day of Ramadhan. People are busy with the raya preparation. My hubby promised to bring me to Jalan TAR tomorrow (jangan tak jadi ye sayang...kan melayang2 pulak muncung saya ni). Talking about raya preparation, basically new clothes for adam and johan are ready. I bought them before fasting month, during sales in Jaya Jusco..cuma shoes that are supposed for hari raya had been used..that's the risk of buying early, it might not be able to meet the main purpose. So I guess, I need to buy another pair of new shoes for them. Here is the list that I have now but knowing that woman has a very high tendency not following any list, I guess the items bought might differ ye...
(i) baju melayu kaler mangenta utk hubby, adam n johan (tema kami tahun ini)
(ii) tudung kaler mangenta, pink and hijau untuk me
(iii) kasut adam n johan
(iv) butang baju melayu (4 pasang- hubby, adam, johan, abah)and kerongsang
(v) telekung baru utk me and mama
(vi) kain pelikat n baju melayu utk abah
(vii) kasut raya me and hubby
(viii) rantai emas raya (hah!hah! yg ni sentiasa masuk list raya tapi tak pernah dapat pun)

From Dapur Ibu @3

Sorry Charlie's Angels...I know what you gals going to comment for this N3...mcm mana nak diet ni, asyik letak N3 makanan je...sorry ye I said, ramadhan makes every single food is yummy and I really in the mood of cooking money maa...nak raya ni...

Just to share about my diet date, I have lost another 2 kg (total now is 4 kg)..maybe because of the fasting month, even if you are not on diet, you still lose weight during this time right..anyway, I still limiting my intake of rice and replacing it with bread and this time, wholemeal bread ok...but the taste...yuckss!!

These are some of the food that I cook...

Sempoi fried rice n drummet

Ketupat goreng...ketupat tu yanti kasi..makan dgn sambal udang..sedap

Terubok bakar...cicah dgn cili sos aje...(I just ate the fish, no rice)

Nugget and drummet goreng...utk hero 2 orang tu

sandwich telur...penat dah fokus, gambar tak clear jugak

for dessert, ice cream + Coco Crunch + Chocolate topping

Monday, September 15, 2008

From Dapur Ibu@2

I love indian food especially tosai, nan cheese , briayani and not forgetting, my all time favorite, tandoori chicken...way back in 1999 and 2000, when I lived in Bandar Baru Bangi, I always went to Tandoori Razak for it delicious tandoori chicken n nan cheese..for me, their's is the best tandoori chicken (but now, they are not in business anymore or maybe they have moved to other place)...

I have an instant sauce of tandoori (tesco brand aje) which i bought last month but didn't try it yet..and as all of u know, ramadhan month really is the time when every food looks yummy and you kind of mengidam everything, I tried cooking tandoori chicken last sunday..and the taste turn out so good for a packet of instant recipe...and I plan to cook the tandoori chicken again today with plain bread (for a healthier meal)...

for those of you who are curious about the recipe, it's as easy as 1 2 3...
1....cut n clean the chicken
2...add the instant recipe
3..add 1 cup of plain yogurt..

mix everything well, marinate for atleast 30 min..and then bake at 200C for 45 minutes...
since i am too lazy to use the oven, so i just grill+microwave it for 20 minutes..walla...siap utk di makan..

Here are some of the food that we have last week...enjoy the picture

singgang daging..request dari hubby

air asam n ikan pari bakar..ikan pari tak sempat nak snap,
dah berbuka posa

laksa penang...kuah laksa pun tak sempat nak snap jugak

pizza haiwaiian chicken

my first trial ....ayam tandoori...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

another peep on our new nest

Remember my entry on the new house..this time i bring the camera just to share the picture in my blog..I have been persuading my hubby to go to Nilai since my last visit there but his answer, as expected (after living together for almost 6 years, U actually know the answer b4 u even ask it, but still u want to ask kan...)..."Alah, nak buat apa pergi, is not that u can moving in now?" I wonder why he is not that jumpy about the new house when I am so eager to put in place all my ID idea (as a woman). Maybe as a man, he is more excited about not having to bring all the groceries from the parking to the lift, having the freedom to wash your car at any time u want (here in our apartment, the car wash area is shared, so most of the time, u have to queue ok) and built his fish pond on the front yard (I wonder how he is going to do it with that 'sekakang kera' land but he is very optimistic about this project).

So how did I managed to make him say yes...heh!heh! I simply said that I need to go there to measure our kitchen and also curtain for the house. Ase he needs the exact measurement of the kitchen for price quotation from his leave him no choice but to go with my plan...berjaya jugak den...

And after we've done with the measurement, we drop by at Nilai 3 to survey the curtain there..anyway, I did not find any patern that I like...that night, we went to Tewah Textile at MINES and I still didn't find the one that catch my heart..and the search will continue next week..

Here some of the picture taken during the trip...the lightning had been fitted...and the x-marks have been repaint...

master bedroom...the view from the window looks quite nice..adalah greenery Washroom in Master bedroom

third room..I planned to make it as my parent's room @ guest room

Plaster syiling kat ruang tamu...ada lagi lampu yg tak dipasang

Dapur basah..sinki tak pasang lagi

Friday, September 12, 2008

Orang Kata...Mak Kata...

Fendi give me this...just wanna share it with all of u..kalau difikirkan, banyak betulnya pesanan for me, hopefully this ramadhan will bring more nur and make me a better moeslim..

ORANG KATA.. enjoy sementara muda, hidup panjang lagi, dah tua nanti taubatlah.
MAK KATA.. orang muda hidup memang baru bermula, tapi belum tentu masih panjang lagi, entah esok lusa Izrail datang menjemput.
AKU RASA.. betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. exams tu susah, kena banyak sacrifice, constant study..past year papers..etc..etc..etc..
MAK KATA.. exams tu senang aje, dah ada tarikh untuk diuji, dah ada syllabus untuk diikut, kalau ajal..entah bila siapapun tak tahu, byk pula tu peringkat ujiannya, Munkar Nankir, Neraca Mizan, tayangan slide..
AKU RASA.. betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. have fun o­n your birthday, panggil kekawan and sedara mara, berpartylah sepanjang malam, make it a memorable one!!
MAK KATA.. setiap hari jadi, kita semakin hampir, hampir setahun dengan kematian, setahun lagi diberi peluang utk beramal, bertaubat..
AKU RASA.. betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. kerja mesti sungguh-sungguh, beli rumah besar, kereta mewah, makan lazat.. baru hati puas!
MAK KATA.. ye ke hati dah puas?? dah cukup ibadah nak tempah kubur luas-luas? dah cukup amal nak 'book' tempat Al-Firdaus?
AKU RASA.. betul jugak tu..

ORANG KATA.. successful people have a good time management, ada bisnes di KL, new york, tokyo.. masih sempat berkempen utk pilihanraya, masih sempat melepas lelah di disko dan karaoke, masih sempat pasang perempuan 2-3, baru orang boleh respect!
MAK KATA.. setiap manusia dapat 24 jam dlm sehari, tapi.. ada masa ke utk sujud di sejadah 5 kali sehari semalam? ada masa ke nak selak Al-Quran sekali seminggu? ada masa ke nak jenguk/telefon ibu ayah di kampung, sekali dalam seminggu, atausebulan, atau setahun?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fat ... Fat... Please Go Away

Do I have to pray to Allah to take my body fat away????? Please help me…people around me is losing their weight but I only managed to shed 2 kg…ok..2 kg after about 3 months of controlling my food intake (ye ke control???)..

My weight is really something that bother me so much lately…especially when the 5 charlie’s angel in my office (they know who they are) have shed kilos n kilos…more than 10 kg ok…but poor me, I only managed the meager 2 kg…tak significant langsung….

So what should I do next….I’ve try exercise, limiting rice intake, diet pill, supplement drink…lots of money was washed down the drain to washed away this stubborn fat…so maybe I should pray reaallllly hard kan…

Exercise…once I jog @ walk everyday for 1 week after office hour..atleast 45 minutes each session but after that, the workload in the office makes it impossible for me to leave the desk promptly at 5.30 p.m…now I also take jamu but I usually forget to follow the instruction, 30 minutes before meal…the bottle which I supposed to finish in 1 month, now after 3 months, the bottle is still not empty…rice intake, yes this is the only thing that I managed to control as I seldom take rice now and the amount taken is only limited to 1 small portion only..

I know the answer is my WILL power is not strong enough..what’s more with having a husband who didn’t care about my weight..He is more concern when I refuse to eat rice….He noticed that I have put more weight last year, but for him, what’s a big hu ha about it…of courselah since he can still maintain his weight though makan punyalah banyak…life is never fair right…

So…dear hubby tersayang..tolonglah memberi semangat buat isteri mu ini utk meneruskan perjuangan mengapai cita2 yang tak kesampaian ini…Amin..

and to my 5 charlie's angel..thank you for being there supporting me in this mission..janganlah tinggalkan I jauh sgt ye dlm carta tu...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From Dapur Ibu

These are some recipes that I have cook last sunday…since I usually reached home at about 6.30 p.m, so for this ramadhan month, I plan to cook the main dish during the weekend and reheat in the microwave, thus I only have to cook vege dish n telur dadar ke to accompany the main time haa...

Daging black pepper

Onde-onde buah melaka

favorite kami sefamily....singgang kepala tenggiri

pajeri rebung....rebung n resepi tu yanti kasi

Ulam-ulaman n tempoyak goreng

sambal sotong...favorite my hubby

udang black pepper...I wonder why the colour is red

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New house

Today, I went to Nilai with my dearest boys….and we try the new highway (LEKAS highway) since it is free for 1 month..I heard that the toll price proposed to the Cabinet is RM2.80 one way…gosh, I think it is too high…and that’s meant I won’t be using this highway then, instead I have to depend on PLUS highway still..

The new highway really a big convenience since our housing development is just beside the highway (u can actually see the house from the highway)…and it is just 1 km from the Pajam toll station…so those planning to come to my house, you will not lost if u used the LEKAS highway…

Okay enough about the highway…the bigger story I would like to share is about my new house…I actually go inside the house since the gate and the main door is not locked..but unluckily, I did not bring the camera that day..why didn’t I used the phone’s camera..heh!heh! because my phone is from the dinosaur time ok..the camera is very blurr one already…actually, it is high time for me to change the phone but since I want the Apple iphone or the Samsung Omnia, I guess I have to be a little bit patience to save the amount needed…

Ayooo…already third paragraph and I still did not tell about the house…overall the construction is almost complete…from what I can see, the things that are not fitted yet are the lighting, the fan and the tap pipe…everything else is already complete ..oh ya, there are few X-marks on the wall, I guess the inspection by the developer had been done..that might be the sign to mark any defect in wall plaster or uneven colour.

Our's is the one in the front of the playground and surau

Adam at the playground

These pictures were taken 2 weeks before, now, they have removed the green zinc...tak sabarnye nak masuk umah ni

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A little note

More than a year had passed by since the last time i jotted down story about us in this blog..I should try to be avid writer..but with the amount of paper work in the office...I think i have enough of writing..anyway....enjoy some pic of adam n johan for the past 1 year...

trip to Genting Highland 2007

Enjoying freshly baked chocolate cup cakes at home... Eid Mubarak 2007...with their cousin, Iman n Hanin

splashing around at Desa Water Park 2008

Dining out at Bangi Chicken House Adam's practising his table ethics..he usually r not this polite..ok

the one who didn't care less about any ethics...yummy haaa...

I'll post more picture next times...(God Knows when)...needs to get back to work

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