Friday, October 31, 2008

- RM1104.23

Those people around me know how excited I am about the new house and I have been checking the post box since BPP released the last payment to the developer..even when I was in Sabah, I keep on reminding my hubby to check the post box for the much-waited-letter..but until today, it never arrived in my post box yet...

And today, I received a letter from BPP regarding the payment schedule for the house (yelah, the gov. had released all the total payment kan, so this is the payback time lah)...and for the next 300 months, my total gross salary will be deducted by RM1104.23 (waaa!!!! baru nak rasa gaji baru ni...).. the deduction supposed to start from October 2008 but they will only start it on January 2009 (adalah 3 months grace period tu)....berhutang sampai pencenlah ni...

And I just called the developer, asking when are we going to get the key..janganlah jadi terbengkalai pulak kan..luckly Wati (the staff with the developer who have been handling my file so far) said that they have already posted the letter..must be on the Mr. Postman, cepat2lah hantarkan surat saya ye...thank you Mr. Postman, sayang awak..

I Love Kota Kinabalu

Last week, I attended a course (Kursus Pemantapan Sahsiah..kurang mantap rupanye sahsiah ku) at Hotel Beverly, Kota Kinabalu..and that is also the first time I've been in KK..and what can i say about KK...I realy fall in love with the people there....they are soo kind, cheerful and helpful not forgetting very soft spoken...from the taxi driver, the sales girl n sales man, the staff in the hotel, the mak cik n pakcik at the pasar malam n all the staff in KK International airport...never in my life I felt so welcome in foreign places like i felt in KK (tapi den pun bukannye banyak noooo travel pun)..

The moment we touched down at KKIA, I went to withdraw money from the ATM Machine and purposely reminded Cik Tem to make sure that that is the only time I am allowed to be near any ATM Machine (I need to spend wisely kan!!! nak masuk umah baru ni, duit banyak nanti nak pakai)...yes, I do keep the promise as that is the only time I withdraw money and when I take off from KKIA on Thursday, I only have RM20 in my wallet..betul2 punya membeli...(psst...i post the picture later as i forget to bring the cable today)...

Having put my foot in Sabah, means the only state in Malaysia I not yet be is Penang...bilalah nak pi Penang ni..(dlm hati, bilalah si Irshan nak belikan tiket pergi balik utk den sefamily ke sana ni...)

steak buat sendiri kat umah..takde side dish pun...

antara food di so aje rasanye

nampak tak laut di belakang tu..seafood amatlah fresh di sini

murtabak goreng

pasar malam yg jual makanan tepi filipina market yang glamer tu

ikan tuna yg besar sgt..tengoklah betapa pejalnye isi ikan tu...

cengkerang laut..RM15 seketul..
i tak beli pun pasal kat umah dah ada 2 yg org kasi free

yg ni depa letak Rm15 seketul, tawar2 dapat pulak RM15 2 ketul..
apa lagi ... rembatlah..dah selamat dlm bakul kat umah tu..

ikan terubuk masin..yg kecik RM5 seketul..
menyesal beli 2 ketul aje, sekor bagi kat my mum...sedap sgt....

rantai mutiara..harga dlm RM50-60 seutas..
pasar malam tepi Le Meridien hotel..lagi murah dari Pasar Filipina

gelang kristal swasrozki..harga dlm RM30..harga belum tawar tu..

udang kering...harga RM45..i tak beli pun..

selepas makan dgn banyaknye sepanjang syawal n ke KK ni..
balik opis..kenalah makan ni aje for lunch...
tu botol jamu I yg tak habis-habis tu..hah!hah!

Macy Warehouse Sale

I love shopping....generally, all women that I know love shopping, be it clothes, shoes, hand bag, parfumes, home decorations etc. etc..the list of our want will never end for this weekend, I forced my hubby to bring me to Macy Warehouse Sales (alah dekat aje pun dgn rumah kan)..that was the first time I went to Macy warehouse sale..and having gone there, I will make that as my annual must-go warehouse sale..I love it..really, really love it...the price of the furnitures were really cheap, u can get 1-seater sofa for RM199 (normal price is RM800+)..boleh gitu, mau tak rambang mata den...I thought of buying a pair of the 1-seater sofa but where am I going to put it..anyway, knowing that this is an annual event, so I pun memujuk diri to be patient..kot ye pun, tunggulah masuk umah baru dulu kan..

I post the picture of my bought later damage is about RM650...
Ni gambar barang-barang yg i beli hari tu..yg takde dlm gambar, bangku panjang (RM230), bakul I letak mag. (RM12), meja kecik kaler hitam (RM50) dan box kaler coklat (RM4) adn kitchen utensil (RM2/piece)...memang berbaloi..

pillow ni harga dia RM6.90..kain tebal tu...

wall mounted rack...kayu pine lagi..harganye RM89...murah kan...
pun wall-mounted rack...harga yg ni RM60..I beli 2...material kayu pine jugak
pillow yg ni RM16..sweet aje kalernye..lagipun i ni, apa2 yg pink memang cantik
kotak ni my mum beli...RM20 aje..ada 3 serangkai tu..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open House D&A

My Divison

Open house is part of Malaysian culture whenever we celebrate any religion festival, be it Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Merry Christmas. And Malaysia is also well known as a country with a very colourful, favourful spread of dishes until it is being used as one of the tourism attraction...but truly, Malaysia's array of food is one of the beautiful thing about this country..

And the celebration of open house will continue tomorrow for the Ministry Open House pulak..for those who wants to see more picture, please click at Mimie blog

Me n Cik Tem
Meja makanan
Meja Pot Luck

KFC hot n spicy
sate kajang

cream puff..paling sedap pernah I rasa..cream dia marvelous gitu



Me n Ratu Herbalife yg gorgeous

Monday, October 20, 2008

From Dapur Ibu @ 5

Dah lama tak menempek gambar masakan sendiri these are some of the food that I cooked after coming back from long hari raya holiday..n sempat I snap..lauk2 biasa aje

kari kepala ikan merah..besar sgt kepalanye..RM10 aje kat tesco (I love tesco)

ni lagi separuh kepala itu (beli separuh kepala pun dah besar ni)

telur dadar
Kobis masak lemak putih

Pekasam Ikam Lampan
Pedal goreng (buat ratah aje)

Kaki ayam masak debab debub...sedap buat ratah ni..muka aje tak cantik

Adam n Johan tengah meratah kaki ayam dengan bersungguh-sungguhnye..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Where It Is?

Ok...I always have this problem with my housekeeping...I needs to find the offer letter for this course in Sabah and I knew that I have put that letter in a safe place..but now, I couldn't remember where is that "safe" place...I've have searched through all the paper n files on my table, in the drawer, in the cabinet up into my personal file but where is that particular letter???? As usual, whenever we try to find one missing thing (A) , we surely found the other missing things (B) that we have been searching last time...same goes with today I comb through every single piece of paper in my office, I've found this one particular letter B that I have been trying to locate all this time..and for all this time, it was right on my table, under the pile of files which I have searched last time...sabar ajelah..and I knew this always happen to others kan..

So purple people (faryna..u know who they are)...please put back the letter on my table ye...pening i petang2 Jumaat ni..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Penang Village, Putrajaya

Tonite, my boss, Miss N treats my unit for a dinner at Penang Village sebab dah lama kami tak kuar makan sama2, asyik sibuk aje kat opis unit is a very small unit with only 6 female staffs, thus our relationship is very close and I can say, we do have an extremely good team work spirit and good personal relationship...siap boleh gossip2 lagi dgn Miss N ni...that's make my office life bearable...if not because of them, I will surely feel so depressed in the office...since every file that arrived on my table will come along with the tag "TINDAKAN SERTA MERTA" with a very 'deadly' Deadline...sampai kadang2 rasa tak boleh nak bernafas...since we managed to clear all the very URGENT files..that's why Miss N feels like having makan-makan together..Thank you Miss N for the nice treat..

Ni gambar menu-menu yg diorder semalam...dlm ribut petir di Putrajaya ni, kami makan dengan sedapnya sambil mendengar cerita Miss T about her life studying in Japan...I really admirer the kind of attitude this Japanese have..I means the nice attitude lah...

Lamb Cutlet with black pepper sauce

Ice lemon tea in a very interesting glass, cendol & seafood char keoy teow

Mee Udang

Nasi goreng Penang Village

Mocha Ice blended

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flowers on the Bus

Story by: Jean Hendrichson, Source Unknown

We were a very motley crowd of people who took the bus every day that summer 33 years ago. During the early morning ride from the suburb, we sat drowsily with our collars up to our ears, a cheerless and taciturn bunch. One of the passengers was a small grey man who took the bus to the centre for senior citizens every morning. He walked with a stoop and a sad look on his face when he, with some difficulty, boarded the bus and sat down alone behind the driver. No one ever paid very much attention to him.

Then one July morning he said good morning to the driver and smiled short-sightedly down through the bus before he sat down. The driver nodded guardedly. The rest of us were silent.

The next day, the old man boarded the bus energetically, smiled and said in a loud voice: "And a very good morning to you all!" Some of us looked up, amazed, and murmured "Good morning," in reply.

The following weeks we were more alert. Our friend was now dressed in a nice old suit and a wide out-of-date tie. The thin hair had been carefully combed. He said good morning to us every day and we gradually began to nod and talk to each other.

One morning he had a bunch of wild flowers in his hand. They were already dangling a little because of the heat. The driver turned around smilingly and asked: "Have you got yourself a girlfriend, Charlie?" We never got to know if his name really was "Charlie", but he nodded shyly and said yes. The other passengers whistled and clapped at him. Charlie bowed and waved the flowers before he sat down on his seat.

Every morning after that Charlie always brought a flower. Some of the regular passengers began bringing him flowers for his bouquet, gently nudged him and said shyly: "Here." Everyone smiled. The men started to jest about it, talk to each other, and share the newspaper.

The summer went by, and autumn was closing in, when one morning Charlie wasn't waiting at his usual stop. When he wasn't there the next day and the day after that, we started wondering if he was sick or -- hopefully -- on holiday somewhere.

When we came nearer to the centre for senior citizens, one of the passengers asked the driver to wait. We all held our breaths when she went to the door.

Yes, the staff said, they knew who we were talking about. The elderly gentleman was fine, but he hadn't been coming to the centre that week. One of his very close friends had died at the weekend. They expected him back on Monday. How silent we were the rest of the way to work.

The next Monday Charlie was waiting at the stop, stooping a bit more, a little bit more grey, and without a tie. He seemed to have shrinked again. Inside the bus was a silence akin to that in a church. Even though no one had talked about it, all those of us, who he had made such an impression on that summer, sat with our eyes filled with tears and a bunch of wild flowers in our hands.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Payment From BPP

My hubby grumbling about the last payment for the new house from the BPP, whether it is settle or not..and this morning, Hazril passed me two letters from the BPP, the statement of payment for the last two bills from the developer...seronoknye...the next step is checking my post box for much-waited-letter from the developer...tak sabar ye nak dapat kunci umah baru..

Fine with that..there is another big part of moving home..since the day we got married in 1 February 2003 (read 01.02.03)..we have moved palces for 5 this going to be the sixth time..the first time we moved to our rented house after the marriage is not that bad since barang takde pun..tidur pun atas tilam aje..baju pun dalam almari plastik aje..tapi now, aduss..looking at the things that we have collected together (tengok barang pun dah penat)...I have yet started to pack anything hatta sebijik gelas hubby have brought back many empty boxes from his office and after 1 month, the empty boxes are still 'empty'...I need to force myself to start packing the things..and this also give me a chance for spring cleaning..typical of woman, we collect everythig from the sales phamplet to present's boxes kan..semuanya sayang nak I do hope I can throw away any junks which have been in my possession all this time (I wonder why he said it is junk, for me it is something sweet, no replacement, so must be treasured kan)..susah tu nak hubby strictly said, no more benda-benda mengarut in the new of the reason is the store in the new house is too constraints la ni...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open House At Fendi's

Early this morning, I received an sms from Fendi, inviting us to his open house today at Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi..since my hubby is working the morning shift today, so we went there after maghrib..the main dish of the day (satay) is finished but I do like the nasi himpit and kuah kacang..marveless gitu...the other dished they have are nasi briani, rendang daging, ayam masak merah and mee goreng..

Hidangan makanan hari tu...

Fendi is one of my friend who really have a lots of friend..when we did our DPA together back in 2005/2006...whenever we go out, tak kisah ke midvalley or pasar malam ke..we will surely bump into someone he knows...and his tagline ialah "heh! tu member aku tu"..sampaikan kami selalu sakat dia..."semua tempat mesti ada member kau kan"..but going to his house today, he did prove that he really have a lots' of friend..sampai dah kul 9 malam pun masih ramai lagi di rumah dia..kat luar rumah tu, budak2 dok bermain meriah twin also did not want to miss the Fendi, lepas ni makin ramailah member u kan..I was informed that the last guest leaving his house at 12 am..macam rumah Y.B. ni..

wajah kepuasan tuan rumah sebab open house dia laku benorrr...

kami sekeluarga tgh mengadap rezeki...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eid Mubarak 2008

Balik kampung...oh!oh! balik kampung...hati girang...Hari Raya and Balik Kampung is something inseparable...and one of the spirit of Syawal isthe time for the families to come together, asking forgiveness for any wrong doing through out the year and sharing stories ... for some of us, hari raya is the only time we can meet the distance relatives in that year. And this is my story of Syawal 2008. We left KL at 1.00 a.m. on 29 September 2008. Sampai kat hentian R&R Gambang at about 3.00 a.m., stop for shur there. Pas sahur tu, plan to take a nap for 1/2 hour before we start the journey again, but the 1/2 hour nap turn out to be 3 1/2 hours sleep..sedar2 dah kul 6.30 a.m...terus sembahyang subuh n pulang ke Dungun, Terengganu..we reached Dungun at about 9.00 a.m., seronoknye tengok rumah tempat's been quite a long time since we last balik kampung..
Berhenti sahur di R&R Gambang..adik2 motor ni pun stop bersahur jugak..
setiap tahun mesti berkonvoi dgn adik2 motor bila balik raya

Menyambung perjalanan ke Dungun, dah subuh, fajar menyinsing di LPT

Pagi Raya...salam Abah before Abah pi sembahyang raya
Kami sekeluarga (baju melayu Adam n Johan tak jumpa ready made yg kaler sama)

Me and hubby pagi raya pertama
Adik I, Nurul sibuk kat dapur memotong nasi himpit..yelah, mak-mak dara yang lain sibuk siapkan anak-anak depa, so kerja-kerja dapur di pagi raya kena serahkan pada 3 anak dara ni lah..dulu time kita, skrg time depa pulak kan!kan!

Adik-adik I kat kampung...Ainin, Jaja n Nurul

Pagi raya berkumpul di rumah baru 3 keluarga aje tu..ada lagi yg tak sampai...

5 dara pinggitan cucu nenek I..adik-adik I and cousin depa
Mak n Ayah dengan bapa sedara n mak sedara..Adam n Johan menyempit

Adam senyum, Johan ternganga

Johan senyum, Adam pulak buat muka blur...susah betul nak suruh dua-dua senyum

Pagi raya pertama...Adam n Johan dengan cousin depa

We spend the second Syawal at KT, visiting relatives on my hubby's sehari semalam di KT...malam tu on the way ke umah ayah sedara, kereta pulak buat hal kat traffic light depan Mydin KT tu...last-last tak jadi dah nak ke umah bapa sedara tu pasal dah almost midnight...sempat lagi tu ambik gambar kat situ..yelah, what's else to do..

Tengah 'piknik' kat tepi jalan depan Mydin K.Terengganu.. ni malam raya kedua...pi berjalan raya ke rumah sedara hubby

Anak-anak sedara belah my hubby..punyalah seronok Adam n Johan ada ramai geng

Johan tengah kushyuk layan game kat Hp Balqis

Semoga Allah sentiasa memelihara negeriku..Terengganu Darul Iman

Mak sedara belah hubby i..umur sebaya dgn I aje ni..muda lagi tu..

On the third Syawal, we went to Kota Bharu. Singgah breakfast di umah ayah sedara i di KT. On the way, we also visited my uncle and my hubby's uncle in Kampung Raja, Besut. Have our dinner at Kubang Telaga before continue our journey to Wakaf Zain (rumah my nenek). That night, there are 6 families in my nenek's everyone is everywhere in the house finding their space to sleep..punyalah seronok..I still have the sweet memories of tidur bergelimpangan ni whenever we balik kampung for raya masa kecik-kecik dulu..luckily my sons still have the chance to experience the same sweet moments as me..

Singgah rumah bapa saudara di KT on the way to KB, mcm-mcm ada...lontong, nasi dagang, nasi minyak, laksa penang...i paling suka lontong my auntie ni..sedap sungguhlah..

Wajah-wajah yang sedang mengadap makanan

Adam n Johan tak makan mana sebab dok asyik tengok ikan kat kolam rumah my uncle ni..Johan dah tak berseluar sebab kaki seluar basah, dia pi celup kaki dlm air kolam tu

Adam n Johan berebut nak pegang kucing tu..kesian kucing tu..gambar ni kat rumah Ayah Yub

Adik I, Ida n hubby with Iman (anak kedua depa)..yang sulung tengah main buai dgn cousin2 lain
muka i yang dah blur sebab perut dah buat hal..makan tapai punya pasal lah ni...

Kecewa betul tak dapat beli keropok lekor kat kedai ni di Mengabang Telipot..punyalah ramai yang beratur sampai habis ikan nak buat keropok tu...sabar ajelah..syok kan kalau meniaga laku mcm ni

On the fifth Syawal, before we start our journey back to KL...we have big splash on the beach, right in front of my parent's house. Adam n Johan really enjoy the time sampai tak nak balik KL..yelah, they have been asking to go to the beach since the first day we reached Dungun. That night, naik aje kereta, terus doozed off..yelah badan dah penat mandi pantai tu..

Ainin (adik bongsu) dgn anak sedara...yg belakang tengah berguling tu, hero I si Adam

Adam dapat biji kelapa laut..dia ingat dia dapat kepah tu..punyalah seronok

Johan tengah membuat istana pasir..istananye tak nampak

Adam n Kak Atirah (cousin) sedang buat spa treatment percuma

Hanin...sorangnye anak sedara I yang tak mandi...takut air kot..muka pun macam sedih aje kena pi pantai

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