Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

The dusk of 2008 is less than 12 hours...and people start to talk about New Year resolution. I asked my sister on the way to send her off to Dungun about her's resolution and before she answer, I can score in her SPM next year..I think it is a common answer to any student who will be facing a big exam next year.. Let save the n3 about NY resolution for tomorrow and for now, let me recall this year resolution that I have earlier on..
  • losing weight and what I can say, the battle will continue next year and most probably, it will be never ending course.
  • passing my PTK and this one was accomplished...though not with flying colors but enough for me to be confirm on the new gred..which meant also new salary scale...Allahamdulillah, syukur
  • Third...moving to new house. Just been accomplished on 27 December 2008
  • be a better muslim...I don't think so I accomplished this one...needs to imporve a lot..
  • increase my saving...neii!!!! did not accomplish...on the other hand, I finished off my saving this year for the house...

Birthday Cakes 2008

My twin personally requested Ben 10 birthday cake for their birthday but I couldn't find one until last weekend days when I passed by Secret Recipe in Jusco Equine Park...but the birthday celebration was passed due...this year, my twin have 2 birthday celebration, one at their cousin house on 20 December 2008, a small gathering with only the birthday cake as the menu and second at their nursery on 22 December 2008 (Happy Birthday to my sis, Ida too)..

I am planning to have another birthday bash for them cum my hubby's birthday on 15 January cum family gathering at the new house later..

so these are the cakes for this year..last year was spiderman which was lost due to the breakdown

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Had Happen...

Tired, exhausted, sleepy, red eyes, flu...ahhh!! these are what happen during my long tiring holiday..

10 days of commuting from Nilai-Seri Kembangan

10 days of washing, mopping, sweeping the new house but the dust will always came back..geram betul...

2 days of unsleep night to move all the things from the apartment, repaint the whole apartment and wash it..tenant want to move in asap..memang penat but the result is really satisfying...

3 days to unpacked the boxes and tidy up the new house..still there are about 10 unopened boxes yet...waiting for this weekend to finish off the balance...

5 days to finish the wiring work and replaster the hacked-wall and fitting of fan, water heater and aircond..

1/2 day for the gril fitting..which was yesterday and we have to spend 3 days in the house without the gril..and I have to wash the floor again last night...

8 days of having the twin fighting, running, taking bath every hour in the house..they really tested my patience...

and today, I return back to work with very sleepy eyes and aching body..
bestnye kalau ada duit ke spa ni...

I have not yet hang the curtain..since hubby did not fit the railing yet..hopefully, it can be done before New Year..
and I miss the old apartment...waaa!!!! sedihlah pulak..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Awal Muharam

Kami menyambut awal muharam di rumah baru tahun ini..adalah buat bacaan yasin sendiri-sendiri aje dgn hubby..terasa seronok juga menyambut awal muharam di rumah baru..kami berdoa agar kehidupan kami di tahun hadapan akan lebih dirahmatiNya dan semoga Dia memberkati rumah kami dan penghuni-penghuninya...azam saya sempena awal muharam ni, ingin menjadi insan yang lebih baik (macam tahun-tahun sudah jugaklah) cuma harapnye tahun ini, keazaman ku lebih kuat...amin..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I love Santa Claus and all the christmas movies since I was young until now..maybe because I love the thrill of having someone who brings magic into the kid life...and christmas movie always end with an happy ending and who did not love a happy ending, right...and white christmas looks so radiance and peaceful..

This year, I bring my twin and my sister who came to help me with the moving to experience christmas, KL style in 1-utama...tak sempat dah nak ke tempat lain tengok christmas decor depa..let's me share the pictures taken that day..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love

I just cannot believe how times really fly, my twin are 4 years old was like yesterday when I first cuddle them on my arms..the sound of their cries when they came to this world still ringing in my ears..they are so small then, weight 2.3 kg (adam) and 2.6kg (johan)..and they still looks small now, in my eyes...

Let me share my story and their story too..

I get married at the age of 28 year old (sudah andartu gitu) and since I am not young, the needs to be a mother is really putting a stress on me..and my first pregnancy was on the 3rd month of marriage..we were so happy at that time, planning to name our first child as Syed Johan (if it a boy) and Sharifah Nur Lisa (if it a girl)...but our dreams are all shattered at the third months of pregnancy...I have a miscarriage, the doctor said, the feotus does not stay as a lump of blood...

So we try again and it took us almost 1 year for me to conceive again..I was so stressed at that moment, looking at other pregnant woman makes me want to kick them (amatlah jahat nye saya ketika itu)..even questions from others about baby really irritate hubby, knowing how desperate I am to be a mother, suggesting a second honeymoon for us, just relaks our mind, body n this time we went to Langkawi ..

Less than 2 months after coming back from Langkawi, I received an offer letter to join all of you know, we need to undergo medical check up as part of the requirement...and during that medical check up, I was told that I was 3 weeks pregnant....I was literally screaming in front of the doctor, who was so surprise with my reaction, said "wah..awak memang betul2 nak pregnant ye" hubby was waiting outside the doctor's room and he looks so puzzled seeing me in tears coming out from the room, but when I showed him the pregnancy result, he too have teary eyes...sampaikan ada pesakit berdekatan cakap "ada masalah ke, sabar ye"..mesti dia ingat I ada sakit kronik tu...both of us, hurried out and hugging each was really double of joy for me..

And after that, I was busy with moving from Terengganu to our apartment (new apartment at that time) in Seri was a hectic time for me, I only have 2 weeks to settle all that before reporting to the new office...and during that time, I noticed there were small traces of blood and it make me worried again, as that is how it started when I have miscarriage last time.

We when to GP for a check up, she said that the pregnancy looks so small to decide whether the baby is ok or not, but the pregnancy test is still ok..not convince with her explaination, we seek second opion from the government clinic..during the ultrasound, the image is just 1 single line (not the usual round image of baby ok)..they asked me to come again after 2 weeks, but the doctor also said, at this time (5 weeks) the image should be in shape of baby but with not most probably, the feotus does not develop too..only God knows how sad and worried we were at that time..the doctor advised me to be strong is it meant another misabortion (the term they used) but she said, pray hard, May Allah protect this pregnancy..and yes, that is what we do until the next check up...

After 2 weeks, the image is still a single line...but the pregnancy test is still they make another appointment for the next 2 weeks and at the same times, I was asked to take medication to strengthen my uterus..and then the moment came, the 3rd round of ultrasound, makes not only the doctor surprise, but we too..the full image of twin was so clear..siap dah nampak ekor yg akan membentuk kaki itu (the image mcm anak tikus tu)..the doctor was so surprise, she called another doctor to confirm that it was double pregnancy..and yes, it was..I can still remember, she really scan my tummy, kiri kanan atas bawah, just too reassure herself that she did not seeing something illusion..yelah, the last 2 weeks, it was just straight line..sakit perut ku di uli masa itu..

When the doctor finally confirmed that it was twin, I was really shocked as I never expected it..during that stressful time, I started to console myself if I was not meant to be a mother yet, and now, I was told that I would be mother to a twin boys (yes, their genital part is so obvious already)...syukur Allahamdullilah..

So that is the story and after 8 months, my precious twin were born through caeserian sec at Hospital Putrajaya..both are healthy though Adam needs to spend 2 weeks in ICU due to infection in his lung...

And looks at them now...dah macam2 perangai nye...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My New KC

Yesterday, they came and fixed the kc for my wet kitchen, my hubby was there from 11 am until they finished work at about 7.30 pm...and me, dengan rasa tak sabarnye, drove there after office hour just to fulfill the needs to see it with my own eyes (mcm tak boleh tunggu weekend...memang tak boleh pun)...

Overall, I am very satisfied with their work. The air pipe from the hood was fixed into the plaster ceiling (I don't know that the developer put plaster ceiling for the whole house except the dining hall..I thought just at the living room) so I have extra place at the wall cabinet for my gadget...

These are the picture during the installation process..

kerja-kerja memasang

air vent dari luar rumah, kena besi pulak masa tebuk..teruk jugak mengril sebab nak elak besi tu

ini aje additional accessory yg I tambah..kos tak cukup nak tambah yg lain

the pipe will be install by my uncle this weekend..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coincidence ke?

Last nite, I watched '20 unsolved crime in Hollywood' with my sister..the first case was about Adam Walsh, a 6 year old boy missing from a department store and his severed head was found 2 weeks later in a lake at this place in Hollywood, and they never found his body. This is really a tragic end for this beautiful boy. The father then started a campaign about missing and exploited child, he was also the founder of America's Most Wanted series and in year 2002/2004 (can't remember exactly the year), Mr. George Bush sign the Adam Walsh Act regarding missing and exploited child..

And today, his story is on the front page of yahoo web and finally they get the murderer...cute boy huh! more story here

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just cannot wait, Ibu

Adam just cannot wait for New Year to share his new school bag with friends..pagi-pagi dah melalak nak bawak beg baru tu ke nursery..once he melalak, memang tak dengar cakap pakai ajelah..

inilah muka budak tak mandi lagi dgn beg barunya..the size is quite big for him tapi takpe, that's mean it can go for longer time..heh!heh! boleh tahan sampai darjah 1 ni...

Photographed By Adam & Johan

I would like to share some of the quite ok and bad pictures taken by my twin. They really love to snap pictures lately and adalah menjadi kepantangan meninggalkan camera anywhere within their reach..mesti nak snap punya, hari-hari tanya mana camera..

so tengok ajelah hasil seni 2 org anak-anak i ni..

depa bertiga ni tak boleh duk diam kat belakang keta, ada aje mainan ye..

gambar bantal busyuk depa

gambar roll on pun depa ambik..I tak tau bila depa dpt camera ni..tengok2 dah ada gambar2 ni

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