Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

The dusk of 2008 is less than 12 hours...and people start to talk about New Year resolution. I asked my sister on the way to send her off to Dungun about her's resolution and before she answer, I can score in her SPM next year..I think it is a common answer to any student who will be facing a big exam next year.. Let save the n3 about NY resolution for tomorrow and for now, let me recall this year resolution that I have earlier on..
  • losing weight and what I can say, the battle will continue next year and most probably, it will be never ending course.
  • passing my PTK and this one was accomplished...though not with flying colors but enough for me to be confirm on the new gred..which meant also new salary scale...Allahamdulillah, syukur
  • Third...moving to new house. Just been accomplished on 27 December 2008
  • be a better muslim...I don't think so I accomplished this one...needs to imporve a lot..
  • increase my saving...neii!!!! did not accomplish...on the other hand, I finished off my saving this year for the house...

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