Saturday, December 6, 2008


So I said that the next movie for my twin will be another 5 months, but since my hubby get another free tickets for the movie and since we will only go back to kampung on Sunday, so we bring them again to their second movie, Bolt..

Comparing the 2 times they've been in cinema, this time is much more better..and as we are quite early, I bought pop corn for them and said that it can only be eat in the cinema..and the moment, they sit..."ibu, mana pop corn"..and the pop corn atleast keep their mouths a little bit busy this time..

and they love this movie (actually, they really love puppy and always asked me to have one..and also cat, but of course NO for the puppy, I am still thinking about the cat)...the movie started with the Bolt performing highly skilled action act (laser beam from the eyes, super bark etc..) and both of them keeps on commenting "ibu...powerlah dodog ni"...yeah, memang power but I let you all guess what is the meaning of POWER for Bolt..kan dah cerita, tak surprise pulak..

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