Monday, March 30, 2009

Space Shuttle Ride

This n3 was supposed to be published last 2 weeks when my parents were here...

but sorry, I'm a little bit lazy to upload the picture here it is..

I bring my boys and my niece to 1-utama for upin and ipin but the ticket was sold out that day (saturday)

Luckily, Dumex was having an exhibition for Mamil Gold and there were some games for the kids..My boys were having a great time there especially when they are flying in the 'space shuttle' space shuttle ye (walaupun tak get off the land, takpelah)

both were never been on plane yet and were really excited about the thought of flying...siap tak sabar nak tunggu 'space shuttle' to open the door..but unfortunately, my camera run off battery when we were in the space the pictures are only from the outside, while queueing ....

Ni games main tembak-tembak bad bacteria

tengah bengang apasal space shutle tu tak bukak-bukak pintu...
member dah siap pakai baju uniform tu

Johan & achik yg tengah que baik2 tu..

Johan and Achik tengah posing

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