Saturday, September 6, 2008

New house

Today, I went to Nilai with my dearest boys….and we try the new highway (LEKAS highway) since it is free for 1 month..I heard that the toll price proposed to the Cabinet is RM2.80 one way…gosh, I think it is too high…and that’s meant I won’t be using this highway then, instead I have to depend on PLUS highway still..

The new highway really a big convenience since our housing development is just beside the highway (u can actually see the house from the highway)…and it is just 1 km from the Pajam toll station…so those planning to come to my house, you will not lost if u used the LEKAS highway…

Okay enough about the highway…the bigger story I would like to share is about my new house…I actually go inside the house since the gate and the main door is not locked..but unluckily, I did not bring the camera that day..why didn’t I used the phone’s camera..heh!heh! because my phone is from the dinosaur time ok..the camera is very blurr one already…actually, it is high time for me to change the phone but since I want the Apple iphone or the Samsung Omnia, I guess I have to be a little bit patience to save the amount needed…

Ayooo…already third paragraph and I still did not tell about the house…overall the construction is almost complete…from what I can see, the things that are not fitted yet are the lighting, the fan and the tap pipe…everything else is already complete ..oh ya, there are few X-marks on the wall, I guess the inspection by the developer had been done..that might be the sign to mark any defect in wall plaster or uneven colour.

Our's is the one in the front of the playground and surau

Adam at the playground

These pictures were taken 2 weeks before, now, they have removed the green zinc...tak sabarnye nak masuk umah ni

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