Friday, September 19, 2008

From Dapur Ibu @3

Sorry Charlie's Angels...I know what you gals going to comment for this N3...mcm mana nak diet ni, asyik letak N3 makanan je...sorry ye I said, ramadhan makes every single food is yummy and I really in the mood of cooking money maa...nak raya ni...

Just to share about my diet date, I have lost another 2 kg (total now is 4 kg)..maybe because of the fasting month, even if you are not on diet, you still lose weight during this time right..anyway, I still limiting my intake of rice and replacing it with bread and this time, wholemeal bread ok...but the taste...yuckss!!

These are some of the food that I cook...

Sempoi fried rice n drummet

Ketupat goreng...ketupat tu yanti kasi..makan dgn sambal udang..sedap

Terubok bakar...cicah dgn cili sos aje...(I just ate the fish, no rice)

Nugget and drummet goreng...utk hero 2 orang tu

sandwich telur...penat dah fokus, gambar tak clear jugak

for dessert, ice cream + Coco Crunch + Chocolate topping


Nuisanc3 said...

i've always loved wholemeal bread! it tastes much better than white bread la... plus it's filling too.. :P

marie said...

aduh farina...I am trying very hard forcing myself to fall in love with it..

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