Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Healthy Breakfast

Did anybody read newspaper recently on our Minister comment on BMI of HQ staff...said that about 60% of MOH HQ staff are obese..and I am not so please to tell you that I am one of those in the statistics..

so this week, this is my breakfast though I still take rice for lunch (cannot concentrate lah kalau tak dpt nasi) and dinner either this too or far ni so good lah but I don't think it will last long (knowing me and my so shallow determination)..

salad is ulam pegaga from my own garden ye..more like my own pot sebenarnya..takde plot garden pun..


CATZ said...

wow..breakfast mkn sandwich pegaga...perghhh...sihatttt tuuu..

marie said...

sedap catz...try lah..lagi stu try buat sandwich dgn daun ketumbar..pun sedap...lagipun, manalah tau boleh awek muda

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