Monday, December 1, 2008

Wash! Wash!Clean

Last weekend, we did the first round of cleaning for the new nest...I just cannot bare to breath in the house as the dirt, dust and the smell of cement are too strong..yeah! I know that I still have to clean it again after the grill and kc installation..but who cares right, it's my house, it's my sweats and it's my body that doing the works (actually more to my hubby's body n sweat) least whenever I go there, I don't have to cover my mouth and nose. So after the cleaning, it do ease the breathing a lot and I don't have to worry about my twin running around the nest anymore..they won't get dirty though they still sweat a lot (yelah, org baru dpt ruang nak berlari dlm rumah)...

nampakkan segala habuk tu..bau cement tak nyah cakaplah..sakit dada

dah kilat sikit...tapi kena sental lagi tu dgn chemical..tunggu lepas kc n gril nanti

Living Room Area From Outside

Before the cleaning started after Isyak, we celebrated my cousin birthday..just a small birthday celebration but the cake is soo uncle bought it from this bakery at Taman Semarak and the price is sooooo cheap, compared to Seri Kembangan..last time, my uncle bought an ice-cream cake for just RM26 Seri Kembangan, don't dream to get, even the plain icing cake at a price lesser than RM30..I plan to get my twin birthday's cake for their birthday this year from that bakery.

kek besday itu..sedap sgt fresh cream strawberry tu..

muka tak puas hati semua tu sebab semua nak tiup lilin..
kesianlah besday girl kan..tu yg muncung aje muka tu...

Happy Birthday Amani..may you grow up to be a good girl..

Ni jelly animal form yg hubby beli kat 1-utama..comel sgt..

comel kan..rasanye biasa2 aje..corak tu yg cantik..

That evening, we also finalised the design of the kc for the wet kitchen...I still cannot determined where am I going to place the dryer. I plan to put it beside the fridge, at the base
cabinet but that means I will have less base cabinet to put my ktichen gadget.. my hubby said, just leave it to him to find the solution and I have this strong feeling that the dryer might end up in one of the bedroom..silap-silap master bedroom..

This is the drawing of my kc for the wet kitchen..just a small space...please take note that the fridge is just for illustration purpose only (it's not my fridge but I am dreaming of having one like that)..any feedback or comment or suggestion for the above design are very welcome (before they do the exact measurement).


adie-ishmael said...

jelly2 tu tak der pewarna yg bahayakan kesihatan ker?

marie said...

selalunye pewarna makanan ni ok..cuma kalau terlalu terang mcm dlm sesetengah chikedess tu yg tak elok..pewarna utk cake n biskut biasanye ok..

tapi adie..semuanye dah habis makan pun tu..tak terpikir pulak i pasal warna ni..

anyway..tak rugilah kalau tak makan..rasa dia macam agar2 buat kat umah aje..cuma design aje comel

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